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In addition to our core products Cave stocks a range of complementary items as well as hosting exhibitions of exciting up and coming artists.

From LSA we have a selection of vases, decanters and glasses including a range of recycled glassware.

We have cards to suit every occasion often hand printed and finished.

Cave also sells luxury scented candles made by Votivo, masters in the art of candle making. Their candles, hand crafted and meticulously formulated, are famed for their ability to fill a room with their wonderful fragrance.

Cards by i.e. inotherwords
Votivo Aromatic Candle 68A Honeysuckle
Votivo Candle, Honeysuckle
Votivo Aromatic Candle 36A Tuberosa
Votivo Candle, Tuberosa
Votivo Aromatic Candle, 47A, Bright Leaf Tobacco
Votivo Candle, Bright Leaf Tobacco
Votivo Aromatic Candle, 18A, Deep Clover
Votivo Candle, Deep Clover
Votivo Aromatic Candle, 55A, Rush of Rose
Votivo Candle, Rush of Rose