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Cave stocks a selection of chocolates from some of the finest chocolatiers. They use cocoa sourced from small plantations which is then conched and refined using artisan techniques to produce chocolate in the form we know and love. We sell a range of chocolate bars of differing cocoa percentages as well as a small selection of speciality chocolates.

Åkesson’s has been a family owned business since the 1970s with plantations in Madagascar and Brazil. As well as supplying other world famous chocolatiers and chefs with their much sought after products they make their own range of speciality chocolates including ones infused with regional ingredients such as pepper, coconut blossom sugar and fleur de sel.

Meticulously selecting raw ingredients for their flavour and wholesomeness Artisan du Chocolat produce a range of their own bars in their facility in Kent. As well as stocking a selection of their delicious bars Cave sells the Indulgence Box and the legendary Liquid Salted Caramels, originally created for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay by proprietor Gerald Coleman.

François Pralus is an exceptional master chocolatier producing his own chocolate from cocoa sourced globally including his own plantation in Madagascar. From these beans he makes a variety of pure origin and blended chocolate bars as well as the renowned Criollo Bar. We also stock the delightful Tropical Pyramid.

Akesson's Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar
Bali Sukrama Farms

Akesson's Criollo Cocoa
Ambolikapiky Plantation

Akesson's Coffee Nibs
Brazil Fazenda Sempre Firme

Akesson's Pink Pepper
Ambolikapiky Plantation

Artisan du Chocolat, No1, Sea Salted Caramels
Sea Salted Caramels

Artisan Indulgence
Indulgence Box

Chocolate Fusion Bar Tobacco

Chocolate Fusion Bar Orchid and Orange Blossom
Orchid & Orange Blossom

Chocolate Fusion Bar Gianduja

Chocolate Fusion Bar Mole Chili
Mole Chilli

Chocolate Fusion Bar Matcha

Chocolate Fusion Bar Tonka